Terms & Conditions

Media Release Form:

I hereby grant Dream Clean of Florida, (herein referred to as “the Company”) permission to use my likeness in a photograph, video, or other digital media (“photo”) in all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration. I understand and agree that all these materials will become the property of the Company and will not be returned. I hereby irrevocably authorize the Company to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photos for any lawful purpose. In addition, I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo. I hereby hold harmless, release, and forever discharge the Company from all claims, liabilities, demands, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

Pre-Existing Damages Waiver:

The Customer has been made aware by the Company or has brought it to the attention of the Company of any and all pre-existing damages on or around the property such as, but not limited to: scratches, torn screens, wood damage, paint damage, damaged roofing and or gutters, dead plants or vegetation, etc., etc., and releases the Company to perform services as requested and agrees to not file any claim(s) against the Company relating to such conditions. In some circumstances unforeseeable existing damages may become present during the cleaning of the property. If this should occur, the client will be made aware of these conditions. Again, the Company cannot be held liable for these damages.

Damages Caused by The Company:

The Company is insured with $1 million general liability limits, which would cover any damages caused by the Company. In the event of any damages, (broken windows, destroyed plants, damages to roof, etc.) the Customer must allow the Company to remedy the situation with internal resources first. Should the issue still be present after the Company has attempted to fix the damages, the Company will then consult a third party for a remedy. After all attempts at remedying the damages, and without successful results, the Customer has the right to request a claim with our insurance.

Service Specific Conditions:

Pressure washing of any newly poured concrete should have had at least 6 months to fully cure prior to being pressure washed. Should this not be possible, there is a slight chance that pressure washing can etch the concrete. In this case, the Company cannot be held liable for damages caused by pressure washing fresh concrete. House washing includes cleaning of the soffits, fascia boards, siding, foundation block, and face of gutters. The cleaning is to remove any organic staining as well as other airborne debris and bug debris. This service will not include removing vining stems, stink bug eggs, artillery fungus, or any other debris that must be scraped, sanded or media blasted. If the debris cannot be removed by bleach, soap, and water, then the Company cannot clean it as part of our standard services. Gutter cleaning includes cleaning of the interior of the gutters to clean out any debris which could cause a blockage and therefore damages. Gutter cleaning does not include cleaning the face of the gutters – this is GUTTER BRIGHTENING, which is a different service. Gutter brightening includes whitening or cleaning the face of the gutters to remove oxidation that has resulted with gutters having a streaked look. Because oxidation is the presence of a thin layer of paint, metal being eroded, it is possible that some paint may look uneven. The Company cannot be held liable for any difference in paint caused by oxidation removal which is essentially Gutter Brightening. Sealing of any concrete or stone surface includes a 2-year warranty that allows for the resealing of any failed surface within that time frame. Should the Customer choose a Travacast application which is a topical sealer on travertine or any other lightly or non porous surface, it is always advised that this be applied with Shark Grip, a non-slip additive. Should the customer wish to not have Shark Grip applied, this can create a slip hazard in which case the Company cannot be held liable. Should the Shark Grip not be applied when installing a Travacast sealer, the Customer then releases the Company from any liability. For all sealing jobs, it is advised that you wait 24 hours before walking on your pavers and 48 hours before driving on pavers unless still tacky to the touch, in which case you would need to wait longer. As a reminder, we may need access to a working water spigot & potentially electrical outlet. Depending on the type of service, our crew may require access to entire perimeter of house (unlock gates if needed). Please move all items that could potentially be damaged or that block areas to be cleaned/access to the roof. Large items may be in the way (cars, furniture, plants, etc.) and could prevent us from working. If you need assistance with moving large items, please let us know prior to your appointment and we would be happy to send a quote for this service. Our solution WILL spot non-color fast fabrics! Although we take the utmost care to prevent damage, please remove anything from outdoors that you do not want sprayed. This could include fragile species of potted plants. Bring pets inside for duration of cleaning and ensure all windows/doors are closed. If we are working near or around a pool, please note that although we take every precaution to direct dirt/debris away from your pool, it is recommended that you schedule a pool cleaning a few days after your scheduled cleaning.

Issues Regarding Water:

The Company uses Customer provided water for all cleaning needs. If the Customer needs water delivered to the jobsite, the Customer will pay for the rental of a water delivery system and any applicable water charges. Should the Customer have inadequate water supply (well water, poor water pressure, etc.) and it substantially affects the quality and speed of job completion, the Company reserves the right to change the price of the initially presented prices. These changes shall be discussed prior to the final invoice.

Collection of Payments:

In the event of Customer delinquency in making payment for services rendered by the Company, the Company has the right to seek payment by way of legal proceedings as defined by the State of Florida by filing a Mechanic’s Lien. Important notice: You and your contractor are responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of this contract. If you sign this contract and you fail to meet the terms and conditions of this contract, you may lose your legal ownership rights in your home. Know your rights and duties under the law. By accepting your proposal, whether in ink or digitally, you are under contract with your contractor.