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If you have been thinking about replacing your roof because of the nasty black streaks or stains on it, there may be an alternative solution to your problem. The life of your roof can be extended with the safe proven soft wash method. In addition to the method being safe, it is also more effective compared to power washing. Dream Clean is your local expert in roof washing services that will remove the dirt and meet all of your roof washing needs. We are the #1 roof washing experts in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule your roof wash.

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What Are Those Black Streaks?

Those often-overlooked black stains are an algae-like bacteria, called gloeocapsa magma and your roof is what’s for dinner. Overtime, gloeocapsa magma can cause your roof to rot or age prematurely. So, why suffer unwanted roof repair and premature replacement when you have us, your #1 rated roof washing service provider! 

A professional specialized roof cleaning by Dream Clean, is  exactly what you need to keep your roof in great shape. Our experience of roof cleaning throughout the area, proves we are the best exterior cleaning professionals for any size job. It doesn’t matter if it is a residential or commercial property, we deliver professional roof cleaning services and roof maintenance services to the Jacksonville area.

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Will Soft Washing My Roof Hurt it?

Your roof deserves to look its very best. Unfortunately, overtime dirt and grime will become a big problem if it is not properly maintained. With the help of our Dream Clean roof washing professionals, we will exceed your expectations.

So, will soft washing hurt my roof?

No, the soft washing process is designed to keep water on top of your roof without using high pressure. If high pressure washing is used to clean a roof, it can force the water where  it shouldn’t be and is another reason why you should call us.

Will soft washing hurt my plants?

No, before and during the cleaning, we take preventative measures to water down all foliage around your home. We also use a solution specifically designed to prevent harm plants and flowers both before and after we apply our cleaning solutions to your roof.
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