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While your home is supposed to be a place to relax, the stress of dirt and grime living on it can quickly set in. With the accumulation of dirt taking away the beauty and glamour of your home, you are at risk of the curb appeal and structure of it being impacted. However, once our Dream Clean professionals take over the process of ridding the dirt, they will:

  • Inspect your home thoroughly on the outside.
  • Move furniture away from your home before beginning the cleaning process.
  • Make sure your plants are in a state of protection while using the cleaning products.
  • Completely clean the exterior of your house.
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Why Does My Home Need to Be Washed?

There are two main reasons to have a house wash service in Jacksonville. The first and probably most obvious reason is that it looks better. Green or black streaks and stains, rust buildup, or efflorescence streaks (the white ones) can make your home look unkempt and sad. 

The other reason to have a house washing service clean the exterior of your home, is because of the buildup of dirt and other organic materials on it. Once dirt begins to accumulate on your home, it is at risk of degrading faster and certain housing materials can actually fail. Don’t ignore the problem and get the best house wash service in Jacksonville – call today!

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We at Dream Clean of Florida take pride in providing friendly service with the best results. This is why we will not leave until you are left in complete satisfaction.


Big or small, we can handle any job and we will do it right. We are here for all of your exterior care needs.

Remove the Mold

Mold can bring attention to your home in the wrong way. Once it begins to grow on your home, it is a matter of time before the structural integrity of it begins to become affected. Unfortunately, this is not the only issue that will come with a dirty home, if it is left dirty for too long.

Costly Repairs – Having your home washed is part of a maintenance plan to avoid having to make costly repairs on it sooner than expected.

Lack of Curb Appeal – With a dirty appearance comes dirty looks and if your home is left dirty, the looks of disapproval will only get worst.

Don’t let dirt, mold, and grime continue to be an eyesore on your home. Give our professionals at Dream Clean a call today to schedule an appointment for your professional house wash.

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