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Dirty house? Don't let dirt, mold, and grime continue to live on your home. Our soft washing professionals will remove the dirt on your home that has become a major eyesore. Give us a call to schedule a appointment.
Black streaks and stains on your roof can become a major problem, causing the structure of it to break down. Give us a call today for your roof wash.

What is Soft Washing?

First developed in 1992, soft washing was proven to be a success after further testing in 1995. Soft washing professionals found that the safe proven method not only safely cleaned homes but also extended the life of the siding of homes without the use of excessive force. 

Using a balanced method of lower pressure (45 psi), proper products and allowing cleaning solution the time it needs to clean, the successful method of soft washing eliminates the problem instead of merely spraying at damagingly high pressures for an initial surface fix. Compared to its competition, soft washing incorporates a safer, biodegradable and phosphate-free solution to sanitize, penetrate bacteria, and eradicate the root cause to produce a long-lasting, deep clean result.

Once combined with the use of a lower psi and implementing a concentrated wash time, this solution proves to be an excellent product to produce thoroughly clean surfaces safely and effectively.

Soft Washing Services in Jacksonville, FL

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Why Soft Washing Matters

If the exterior of your home is dirty, it is a matter of time before it becomes a big eyesore. A dirty home will lose its curb appeal if it is not cleaned properly, but with the right professionals, your home will have the restored beauty it deserves.

  • Keeps Your Home Looking Great
  • Saves You Money
  • Increases the Longevity of Your Home
  • Keeps Pests Away
  • Eco-Friendly

Why Choose Us


Our dedicated and skilled professionals are reliable and will provide you with superior service from beginning until the end.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Dream Clean of Florida take pride in providing friendly service with the best results. This is why we will not leave until you are left in complete satisfaction.


Big or small, we can handle any job and we will do it right. We are here for all of your exterior care needs.

Dont Avoid Your Home

Your home deserves to look its very best, so once it it becomes covered in dirt, grime, mold, and the other contaminants, the beauty of your home can easily fade. However, a dirty home will not only lose its curb appeal and beauty but may also:

  • Fade in Color
  • Begin to Deteriorate
  • Decrease in Property Value
  • Bring a Negative First Impression

If you need your home or roof soft washed give our Dream Clean professionals a call today. 

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