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Keep your concrete and pavers protected with a professional sealing. A professional sealing will help keep harsh weather from taking over.
Don't let the harsh weather beat up your roof. Our professionals will seal the tile on your roof and eliminate the worry of inclement weather destroying your roof.

Get the Reward From Your Concrete

Once oil, dirt, and salts begin to live on your concrete the hassle of cleaning it can be a pain. In addition, to the curb appeal of your home taking a hit, guests may even refuse to stay for long visits. The more  noticeable the stains are, the more chance of a breakdown of your concrete happening because of them. With a professional pressure wash from our Dream Clean professionals you will not have to worry about your concrete falling apart. We are the #1 pressure washing professionals in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Let us help you get that rewarding feeling of having clean concrete back. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your pressure wash.

Residential Pressure Washing in Jacksonville, FL

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Don't Let the Dirt Accumulate

Spending time outside with friends and family can quickly be ruined once stains, oils, dirt, and salts begin to make an unwelcome appearance. Our Dream Clean experts will remove the dirt that has accumulated on your hardscape and bring the healthy look of your concrete back to life. Along, with making sure your concrete exceeds your expectations, your clean concrete will also meet other benefits.

Safeguard Your Driveway/Walkway – Your concrete will be safe for walking with a professional pressure wash. Oftentimes, homeowners are left with the worry of dirt and stains on their concrete causing a slip and fall. With a professional pressure wash by our Dream Clean experts, your concrete will be safe to walk on and the worry of an unfortunate incident happening will be gone.

Maintain Your Curb Appeal – Whether you want to maintain the curb appeal of your home for visitors or prospective buyers, the first impression must be the best impression. Dirty concrete will change the mind of any guest and may even change minds of potential buyers. 

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When is it Time to Pressure Wash?

Keeping your concrete clean is just as important as keeping the rest of your home clean, which is why it is important to know when it is time to have it washed.

Look Slick, Feel Slick – If your driveway or walkway looks or feels slick, it is time to have it pressure washed. Oil slicks, overtime, can become slippery, making it a hazard.

Dirty Appearance – High traffic, dirt, and debris will always create a dirty mess on your concrete. With organic growth mixed in with all of the dirt, the lifespan of your concrete will be decreased.

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